Our LegacyKit Is Like a Time Capsule

For All The Messages, Stories and Memories

You Wish To Leave Behind Someday

For Your Children, Grandchildren & Beyond

The LegacyKit Includes All The

Guidance & Essential Tools You Need

To Create Something Very Special

And Expand Your Life During The Process

"You have a thriving life to live, a special story to tell, valuable wisdom to share, and everlasting love to someday leave behind."

Bobby Vincench, Creator of Your Thriving Legacy

A Time Capsule For Your Life

There's nothing any of us can do about it.

We are all going to leave this life someday.

When this time comes, you may ask yourself:

What did I do while I was here?

Do I have regrets?

Did I waste this gift of life I was given?

Did I thrive every single day?

The LegacyKit is like a time capsule for your life. It's an "insurance policy" for the messages you wish to leave behind.

A special gift for loved ones when you're gone someday. And a powerful opportunity to live an better, more intentional life.

The LegacyKit was designed by an experienced certified Legacy Creation coach who is himself a father, to inspire parents to contemplate their future legacy so they can live a better life today.

Everything you or a loved one needs to reflect on their life today and create a powerful collection to leave behind in the future... It's all here.

And should you need support or guidance along the way, every LegacyKit comes with coaching to help you with whatever it is you may need.

It's time to capture the essence of your life and legacy, while you're here and still have the opportunity to do so.

This is the perfect unique gift for parents and grandparents alike.

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The Perfect Unique Gift For Parents And Grandparents Who Want To Leave A Powerful Legacy Behind For Loved Ones, And Live A More Inspired Life Today


  • Detailed Guidebook: Thorough instructions, coaching and guidance

  • Personalized Support: One-time 1:1 private coaching session for 1 hour

  • Highly Secure USB With Cloud Backup: For storing digital files

  • 2 Elegant Pens: For writing your notes, thoughts, letters, and more

  • Mini Journal Book: For your notes, thoughts, letters, and more

  • Legacy Box: This very box may be used temporarily to store items



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Bobby Vincench, Creator of Your Thriving Legacy

"You have a thriving life to live, a special story to tell, valuable wisdom to share, and everlasting love to someday leave behind. Don't miss your chance to do so, and to find new inspiration and motivation in your life while you're still here."

Our Clients Are Living More Thriving Lives

And Working Toward Their Thriving Legacies:

"I was in a place of uncertainty and indecision about my future. I was just letting life happen to me and felt like a victim. Bobby has helped me gain clarity on what I want out of life and what I can do to get there. He really helps me sift through all of the thoughts in my head and get to the nut and bolts about what I want and how I can obtain it."

Aric J. (Client)

“Bobby advised me how to dig deep and turn my thoughts into actions. I was able to create a new vision for myself that I hadn’t seen prior to our meeting. Bobby takes the time to carefully consider thoughts and ideas, or any other issues you may be facing turning them into a reality with meaning and purpose.”

Gio S. (Client)

“Bobby possesses a unique gift for empowering individuals to discover their inner strength and purpose. In my personal experience, Bobby's words have been a guiding light, showing me how to transform my focus into action towards my goals. Not only does he motivate, but he also provides practical guidance."

Michael G. (Client)

“I've come to know Bobby for a few months now, and I would say I've gained the most, honestly ever, through him... by learning to live with intention, to practice gratitude every day, I ground every day with the sun in my eyes, and I meditate. He's fully changed my life in an amazing way, and I would highly recommend Bobby to people who are lost or just need a little guidance, because he's there to help."

Cassie G. (Client)

“I did one-on-coach coaching with Bobby, and it was probably one of the best experiences I could have done in the past few years for my life. He helped me with clarity of thinking, seeing direction in where I wanted to go in life... He really didn't have to say much other than to guide my thoughts, and all the answers that I received were from within. But he was the guide that showed me the way to go. Genuinely appreciate him as a person."

Patricia L. (Client)

“Thank you Bobby for helping me in these past couple of months. I truly feel blessed to have you be a part of my journey, and to have you helping me through this journey. I am living life more intentionally, I have a better understanding of things I did not even think I needed more understanding on. I feel like my family has benefited from this as well. It definitely has had a very positive impact on my life, my family life, and my kids... and I'm grateful for every moment of it."

Annamaria G. (Client)



What is the refund/return policy?

This powerful and thoroughly-crafted LegacyKit package and the Your Thriving Legacy coaching programs are truly powerful ways to live with more intention, clarity and confidence.

When you invest in yourself or a loved one with the Your Thriving Legacy coaching program or our LegacyKit, you should only do so with confidence that what we offer is right for the you or the recipient. We know the power of capturing one's legacy for their own peace and that of their loved ones. If you do too, then you can make this investment with confidence.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OR PROVIDE REFUNDS. All sales are final, and we provide all the support and guidance needed to achieve living and capturing one's amazing legacy. Please purchase ONLY once you are ready to bless someone with this truly unique opportunity to THRIVE in life and in legacy.

How long does it take to create a LegacyKit Collection?

The specific process of creating a LegacyKit Collection is broken up into 30 sections inside the printed Guidebook that comes inside the box. If you were to complete one section of the Guidebook per day, every day... you would complete your Legacy Collection in about 30 days. This would require consistency and devotion. Or you could take your time with it and it would take longer.

Depending on your familiarity with some tools and technology, and your willingness to be honest with yourself and others about your life, ideas and memories... this journey of creating a LegacyKit Collection is designed to be as "easy" as possible, with the tools you need explained in detail, as well as easy-to-follow guidelines in the Guidebook.

For someone who can use some extra assistance beyond the included coaching session(s), they could enlist the assistance of a loved one to help create and organize some or all of the content (this is also a great way to connect deeper with the person who helps you). Either way, whoever is involved will have all the guidance they need inside the LegacyKit's included Guidebook, as well as the virtual coaching session(s).

What if the recipient does not have a worthy legacy?

This is not possible. Everyone has a special story to tell, valuable wisdom to share, and everlasting love to leave behind. The LegacyKit will guide you through all the essentials you need to reflect upon your life, contemplate your legacy, and put it all together.

Everyone has a worthy legacy. You are here, you have existed, and you are worthy of leaving something special behind.