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Looking for more motivation, clarity, and confidence in your life?

Want to forge a legacy you'll be proud of and that brings you peace?

We've got the keys to Unlock And Unleash Your Confidence.

Partner with Confidence Coach Bobby Vincench to start living more confidently today

The First Key To Confidence:

Your Legacy Motivates Your Life

Imagine waking up each day with a crystal-clear vision of the legacy you want to leave behind—a legacy that resonates with your deepest values and dreams. This vision becomes your guiding star, illuminating your path with purpose and direction.

By focusing on this grand vision first, you naturally build clarity and confidence, aligning your daily actions with your ultimate goals. You start making decisions with conviction, feeling a surge of motivation as you see each step bringing you closer to your dream. This clarity empowers you to rise above doubts and distractions, fueling your confidence to take bold, decisive actions.

Embrace this vision-driven approach, and watch how your life transforms into a journey of intentional living, unshakable self-assurance, and a legacy that truly reflects your authentic self.

Welcome to Your Thriving Legacy.

Your Legacy Confidence Coach, Bobby Vincench

From the passing of loved ones to close brushes with death, Bobby Vincench has developed an acute and intuitive awareness of the power of mortality to inspire life. As a father, husband, and lover of life, Bobby has committed to thriving while here in this world... and helping others do the same.

With a focus on bringing more clarity, confidence and peace to people everywhere, Bobby founded Free Minds Thrive and its Your Thriving Legacy program to fulfill this mission and purpose.

He is a master facilitator of 1:1 and group sessions, workshops and trainings, with over 20 years of experience in various roles dealing with human connection and understanding as well as creative and effective problem solving. His motivations to serve others with passion and honesty are many, including his relentless belief in free, thriving human beings.





(12 WEEKS)

Life-changing confidence and legacy building with full support from your coach during this 12 week journey! Receive 6 private 1:1 virtual coaching sessions (flexible scheduling) and FULL ACCESS to your coach between sessions (via phone, text or email). Your coach will help you find more truth and clarity in your life, deepen your connection to yourself and others, live with more intention, build confidence in your path forward, and ensure you forge a legacy you'll be proud of. You have the option of utilizing any of your sessions as a "Legacy Interview Session", where your Coach will interview you to create short Legacy videos (which will be professionally edited for you) as part of your Legacy Collection. Many bonus benefits.



3 monthly payments of $597

Payments option available




You'll meet weekly via Zoom with a community of like-minded forward-looking individuals as each of you works to find more truth and clarity in your life, deepen your connections, live with more intention, build confidence in your path forward, and ensure you forge a legacy you'll be proud of. Sessions are guided by Coach Bobby.

$97 / month




Our LegacyKit is like a time capsule for all the messages, stories and memories you wish to leave behind someday for your children, grandchildren and beyond. The LegacyKit includes all the guidance and essential tools you need to create something very special and expand your life during the process, including one 60 minute private coaching session to get you started right. Designed by Coach Bobby Vincench.

$397 Per Kit (shipped)

Who Is This Right For?

Parents, grandparents, newly-weds, those seeking a new path and direction, anyone who is stuck and has lost motivation... You will find confidence and peace with Your Thriving Legacy.

You may be seeking coaching or guidance on how to live a more purposeful and focused life and leave a meaningful legacy that will endure.

Above all, you want the right process and person by your side to keep you focused, honest and moving in the right direction.

Our one-on-one and group coaching programs are best for those looking to go ALL IN to thrive in their life and legacy, with your coach right by your side and the LegacyKit guiding your journey.

Our LegacyKit can also be purchased on its own as the perfect gift for someone looking to take a more "self-guided" approach on their journey.


Deeper connection with yourself and others

Stronger self-confidence

Improved motivation

A clearer mind

More intentional living

Better overall health

Greater sense of purpose

Thinking more for yourself

Worrying less what others think

A future legacy you’ll be proud of

Our Clients Are Living More Confident Lives And Crafting Their Thriving Legacies With Coach Bobby:

"I was in a place of uncertainty and indecision about my future. I was just letting life happen to me and felt like a victim. Bobby has helped me gain clarity on what I want out of life and what I can do to get there. He really helps me sift through all of the thoughts in my head and get to the nut and bolts about what I want and how I can obtain it."

Aric J. (Client)

“Bobby advised me how to dig deep and turn my thoughts into actions. I was able to create a new vision for myself that I hadn’t seen prior to our meeting. Bobby takes the time to carefully consider thoughts and ideas, or any other issues you may be facing turning them into a reality with meaning and purpose.”

Gio S. (Client)

“Bobby possesses a unique gift for empowering individuals to discover their inner strength and purpose. In my personal experience, Bobby's words have been a guiding light, showing me how to transform my focus into action towards my goals. Not only does he motivate, but he also provides practical guidance."

Michael G. (Client)

“I've come to know Bobby for a few months now, and I would say I've gained the most, honestly ever, through him... by learning to live with intention, to practice gratitude every day, I ground every day with the sun in my eyes, and I meditate. He's fully changed my life in an amazing way, and I would highly recommend Bobby to people who are lost or just need a little guidance, because he's there to help."

Cassie G. (Client)

“I did one-on-coach coaching with Bobby, and it was probably one of the best experiences I could have done in the past few years for my life. He helped me with clarity of thinking, seeing direction in where I wanted to go in life... He really didn't have to say much other than to guide my thoughts, and all the answers that I received were from within. But he was the guide that showed me the way to go. Genuinely appreciate him as a person."

Patricia L. (Client)

“Thank you Bobby for helping me in these past couple of months. I truly feel blessed to have you be a part of my journey, and to have you helping me through this journey. I am living life more intentionally, I have a better understanding of things I did not even think I needed more understanding on. I feel like my family has benefited from this as well. It definitely has had a very positive impact on my life, my family life, and my kids... and I'm grateful for every moment of it."

Annamaria G. (Client)



Free Minds Thrive

Your Thriving Legacy is at the heart of our mission at Free Minds Thrive. That mission is to help people thrive with truth, confidence and legacy. Every program and product helps us continue to deliver on this mission, each in its own unique way. We look forward to seeing what happens when YOU take control of your legacy.


What is the refund/return policy?

When you invest in yourself or a loved one by joining the Your Thriving Legacy journey, you should only do so with confidence that what we offer here is right for the recipient.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OR PROVIDE REFUNDS. All sales are final, and we provide all the support and coaching needed to help motivate you and help you take control of your life and legacy.

Please purchase ONLY once you are ready for a transformative new direction in life for you or a loved one.

What if I don't have a worthy legacy or meaning in my life?

This is not possible! Everyone has a special story to tell, valuable wisdom to share, and everlasting love to leave behind. The Your Thriving Legacy group coaching program and included Guidebook will guide you through all the essentials you need to reflect upon your life, contemplate your legacy, and put it all together.

And if you invest in one of our coaching options that includes 1:1 and/or group coaching sessions, the effect will be even more powerful and transformative.

Everyone has a worthy legacy. You are here and you are worthy. Now it's time to take control and create the next amazing chapter of your life!

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